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SW7 Fixed Blade Tanto

Smith & Wesson

SW7 Fixed Blade Tanto

Numéro d'article: 10409106000 Numéro de fabricant: SW7
Couleur: Black

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Designed and manufactured by Smith & Wesson, this fixed knife is a perfect companion that performs exceptionally well in tactical situations, outdoor activities, camping, survival, and outdoors. It is also an excellent choice for everyday tasks and moderate work in the field.

The item weighs 0.22 kg, has a blade length of 140 mm, and a total of 270 mm. The knife incorporates a tanto blade and a flat grind. The product guarantees exceptional tip strength with excellent penetrating properties.

SW7 has a crossguard placed at the bottom and top of the grip and notches that improve the grip and protect the hand from slipping on the blade while working with the knife.

The 9Cr17 high-carbon stainless steel blade is manufactured with a black-washed and anti-reflective finish. In addition, the knife is coated with a layer of titanium that protects against reflectors and external factors. It withstands even the harshest conditions and remains sharp for an extended period of time. Corrosion resistance, exceptional durability, and outstanding sharpness are essential points that make this knife highly useful for users.

The profiled and ergonomic handle is made of durable Zytel with a non-slip texture. The shape enhances control and provides a secure knife grip in almost all conditions. Additionally, the handle is equipped with a glass breaker and a hole for a safety rope. The set also includes a practical and solid sheath made of thermoplastic elastomer. The sheath is equipped with a clip and multiple slots for attaching it to the belt and gear.

Every user will appreciate this item's modern style, multi-use, convenience, and safe carry. Outstandingly, the knife links high hardness and superior appearance. Smith & Wesson knives are renowned for their quality, performance, and longevity, consistently meeting and exceeding customers' expectations.

All item components have been designed and crafted using materials that meet a precise purpose.

Caractéristiques et détails

Longueur de la lame:
140 mm
Longueur de la poignée:
130 mm

Dimensions et poids

26.7 cm
Longueur emballée:
31.4 cm
4.9 cm
Largeur emballée:
8 cm
1.5 cm
Hauteur emballée:
4.3 cm
0.223 kg
Poids emballé:
0.454 kg


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